Finally Bought a REAL Keyboard: 'Das Keyboard'

Remember those keyboards from the old days, like the IBM Model M?
Just bought it and I can't wait for delivery.


Das Keyboard

HEMA, a dutch company, has a brilliant FLASH product list!!

Check it out on

Google POWER - Search as a pro

Google Hacks

KEEPASS update 1.10 Released

Keepass, I can't work without it.

TURN the wheel and PICK your color scheme!

Virtual Floppy Drive

Incase you need a floppy drive, but you don't have one.

GrandCentral is gonna be Google's next HIT!

One phone number for life!

PDA / Mobile detection on the web

You want to dynamically adjust the interface of your web application when a PDA or mobile connects?

You need WURLF ( ). It's a growing database of all PDA's and mobile devices arround.

Inkscape - Open Source Scalable Vector Graphics Editor

Handy for converting a pixel image to vector image.

You need SHORTCUTS right?

Here they are

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