ColdDoc, created by Mark Mandel, ROCKS!

In case you missed it, check out

Another piece of magic by Mark Mandel. It creates docs of your cfcs in JavaDoc-style and most important, it shows inherited methods too!

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Mark Mandel's Gravatar Glad you like it so much!

# Posted By Mark Mandel | 3/8/09 10:42 PM
Henry Ho's Gravatar I had been wondering how those doc are generated. Didn't know it is actually ColdDoc @ Riaforge!

Hope it supports cfinterface soon.
# Posted By Henry Ho | 3/9/09 10:14 PM
Mark Mandel's Gravatar @Henry -

Happy to take code submissions on ColdDoc!
# Posted By Mark Mandel | 3/9/09 11:07 PM
Henry Ho's Gravatar :) Good idea. I will keep that in mind.
# Posted By Henry Ho | 3/9/09 11:15 PM
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